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A secure web-based, collaborative terminal

two terminal windows running sshx and three live cursors

sshx lets you share your terminal with anyone by link, on a multiplayer infinite canvas.

It has real-time collaboration, with remote cursors and chat. It's also fast and end-to-end encrypted, with a lightweight server written in Rust.

Install sshx with a single command. Use it for teaching, debugging, or cloud access.


Invite people by sharing a secure, unique browser link.


Install the client in under a second, on macOS and Linux.

Infinite canvas

Create several terminals, then arrange and resize them in real time.

Live presence

See other people's names and cursors while they're connected.

End-to-end encrypted

Send terminal data securely; the server never sees what you're typing.

Ultra-fast mesh networking

Connect from anywhere to the nearest distributed peer in a global network.

Get started with two quick steps

1 Install the CLI

Get sshx by running this command. It's tiny and downloads in seconds (3 MB).

curl -sSf | sh

You can also build it from source, if you'd like.

2 Share your terminal

Run this command in your favorite terminal.


This kicks off a live, encrypted session. Open the link in your web browser to join.

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